Update: Koi to wa Yobenai 9

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Update: Star-Like Words 5


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Porno Superstar -


Being a virgin employee, Yamashita had dreamed to sleep at least once with his most favorite gay porn star, Hikaru. From there, he has an unbelieveable encounter when he left from work! During the middle of the intercourse, however, it turns out that the man isn’t Hikaru, but someone called Asami Ryuuichi…! “…Who on earth are you?!”

Kayashimashi no Yuuga na Seikatsu - 

Tono Haruhi

Mamahara Ellie

This series follows the life of Sumito Kayashima. Sumito is a spoiled, wealthy yet lazy young man. Sumito doesn’t work. He spends his days going to parties and frivolously spending away his wealth on antiques, books he doesn’t intend to read, and other such things. His daily routine and interests are managed by his hired conversationalist/secretary Koizumi.

Sumito seems to be the quite, naive little rich boy but when night comes his innocent mask comes off to reveal a much more conniving and wanton man.

Update: Love Stage 13


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Sweet - 

Inomoto Rikako 

Matsuda-kun feels Omoshiro-san is ignoring him, so he finds an interesting way to make him pay attention.

Update: Asobi ja Nai no 5

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Mizu no Haru - 

Kurosawa Kaname

Awkward relationship between high-school boys, Sunohara and Shinomiya.

Update: Nichijousahan Bi-Beautiful Life 4


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Karada Meate de Warui ka - 

Koizumi Kiyo 

"I’m not what you would want in a lover…" decided Sumino, after Hasumi confessed to him.

Sumino one of the assistant teachers in Hasumi’s school. At their school, it is common for upperclassmen to help teach class.
Yet, Hasumi was captivated by the sensuous body of Sumino and strongly wanted to see Sumino-sempai naked… In his bed. For their two bodies to form a bond in physical bliss.
Hasumi wishes to be more than friends, but what will Sumino-sempai think?

But, would anyone really care if Hasumi thinks that way, but Sumino? Sumino-sempai is straight after all… or is he?